How to contact us

SneakyCoyote a posted Jan 23, 17

Hello all,

We noticed a huge portion of our player base is not on our Discord and want to let everybody know about it!. Discord is our messaging/voice communication app we use to communicate to everybody on the server, if the server is ever offline or an event is happening we will always post to Discord first so everybody knows whats going on.

To join our discord, click here. You don't need to install anything!

Play on!

- Sneaky Coyote

New Dedicated Server

SneakyCoyote a posted Jan 2, 17

Happy New Years everybody!

What better way to start the New Years with a brand new backend server upgrade? Thanks to donations we have upgraded to a brand new dedicated server which will be able to handle Nebular Clouds growth!

Along with the new dedicated server, we are also very close to the launch of Nebular Nations! We expect to launch that server within the week!

Also, if your wondering why Nebular Adventures isn't online, we've been having some issues with starting it on the new dedicated server, however it should be online soon! Check our discord or twitter for updates on this.

Thank you all very much for a successful 2016! Here's to an even better 2017!

- SneakyCoyote

Melonenlord55 When does Nebular Nation comes to Technic launcher
King_arth Can you plz help me i am bugging on your server in some blocks and can't get out

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Nebular Adventures has a update! Whats new?


  • Custom NPC's
  • Mo Creatures
  • Botania


  • Grue

We have also implemented new features to balance the server economy, ranks, and towny.


  • New town price $250 > $600
  • Claiming new land $25 > $50
  • Daily town upkeep $10 > $20
  • Penalty per death $10 from player account, town bank, and nation bank.


  • Closed shop at spawn
  • Added access for Chest Shops to be created in Towns.

This means that players will have to make money through either voting for the server, or trading with other players via chest shop's in towns.

Christmas Sale

We would also like to say that during the Holiday Season, our Nebular Adventures store is 35% off and our Nebular Nations store is 75% off!

Nebular Cloud now has its own modpack!

We are happy to announce that we are now an adventure themed modded server! You can explore dungeons, ruins, strange new worlds and fight new monsters all with your friends!

How do I join the server?

To join the server, download the Technic Launcher. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, download it here!

Once downloaded open it and paste the following link into the search box.

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Nebular Cloud from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

What's different in Nebular Cloud?

We have new mods that add new dungeons, mobs, monsters, and terrain! Hop on the server and play with your friends to experience it for yourself!

Beta Update #2

SneakyCoyote a posted Sep 1, 16

Changelog (Server Side)

  • Added: Rank called Universe
  • Added: Buildings at spawn
  • Added: Universe rank is now obtainable through crates
  • Added: Rentable regions at spawn for player shops
  • Added: Bossbar for server information
  • Fixed: Updated sign design at spawn
  • Fixed: Nerfed chance of getting ranks through crates
  • Fixed: Removed bugs from crates
  • Fixed: Renamed ranks
  • Fixed: Renamed crates

Changelog (Website Side)

  • Added: Rank called Universe, retailing for $119 USD
  • Added: Second vote site
  • Added: New logo design
  • Added: Form for players to apply for a staff position
  • Fixed: Re-Branded website
  • Fixed: Items in donation shop not executing commands properly
  • Fixed: Nerfed kits in ranks
  • Fixed: Changed cooldown time in ranks